27 Aug 2010

Pumpkins Galore!!!

Just listed some gorgeous fabrics covered in, my favourite things...pumpkins!  Take a peek

Sold by the 1/2 yard for £3.95.  Fabric is called "Pumpkins Galore" by Wilmington prints, you can see it listed on my site by clicking here Pumpkins Galore

Also this one from the same Collection

Sweet aren't they!

Plus I have been busy making more of my handquilted wall hangings

Priced at £9.50, measuring 10" x 12 1/2" The heart wire hanger and pegs are included in the price

More to come so please keep checking back!
Hugs, Charlotte xx 

26 Aug 2010

A little time away....

Having just taken time out from work and blogging (well apart from processing orders!) for 10 days, it's back to work! This is never hard for me, I love my job and have to be dragged off the computer by my wonderful and understanding hubby and daughter!! love you xx

We decided to go camping in beautiful Porthleven in Cornwall. Glorious sunshine for the first few days. A bit of beach time one day (we were only 10 minutes walk from the village and beach)

This was our campsite, really nice, no frills. Run by the most lovely friendly couple Martin and Lisa

Then a walk across the fields down to the village and beach.

 A trip to glorious Mousehole the next day. Mousehole has to be one of my most favourites places to be, we used to holiday there when I was a child, visiting it again brought back wonderful memories.

overlooking St Michael's Mount

Then I'm afraid the weather set in and it was rain, rain and more rain and a soggy tent! 
But despite the weather, we had a lovely relaxing time.  Our neighbour County; Cornwall, really is stunning...we'll be back soon.
Hugs, Charlotte xx

13 Aug 2010

Couldn't resist this one!!

Whilst out and about this week, I spied this wonderful quilt which I could not resist, a bargain at £20! The colours are so warm and cosy, I have put it as a cloth for my sewing table. Terribly impractical I know, I will lose pins...needles...probably won't even be able to find my work on it! but I don't care, it gives me joy and isn't that what life is all about! Hope you have found something this week that has bought you joy too. Hugs, Charlotte xx

9 Aug 2010

Amazing Wizard of Oz quilt!

This is a wonderful quilt made by such a nice lady called Lynda from Hookinwithlaalaa . Apparently this is her first quilt...well done, great work! A very original piece. Lynda finished her quilt using fabrics from my store and I thought it would be lovely to include this fantastic quilt in my "Customer Corner!" Thank you Lynda.
Hugs, Charlotte xx

Show and tell x

Jan, one of my dear customers, has a great blog called Knitsmith she kindly got in touch to show me this wonderful quilt that she has made using fabric bought from my store. Isn't it lovely!
The fabric she chose for her lap quilt is a fabulous one from Teresa Kogut.
I thought it is a such a nice idea to share photos of each other's finished projects. Lovely Lynda from hookinwithlaalaa gave me the idea to have a "Customer's corner!" Great idea Lynda...thank you. I'll be sharing the quilt that Lynda made in a minute!
I love seeing what happens to the fabric that I send out and am so happy to show photos of finished (or work in progress!) from any customer.
Hugs, Charlotte xx

A lovely Anniversary gift!

This weekend we were lucky enough to receive a beautiful wall hanging from my parents as a gift for our 19th Wedding Anniversary! It's so pretty with gorgeous colours, thank you M & D xx

6 Aug 2010

oooh, what fun!

Well as you know, I am very new to blogland so have of course only just discovered the joys of finding new buttons and blinkies to decorate my site! Help...this is too much fun and I fear highly addictive! Having spent all afternoon preparing and posting my customer parcels I think I have earned a bit of "playtime"! Hugs, Charlotte x

4 Aug 2010


My name is Charlotte and I love running my business, The Homespun Loft. I live in Dartmoor National Park, Devon and I'm so pleased you have decided to visit my new little corner of the web!

Please take a peek at my website! thehomespunloft.co.uk

Well...here I am in the beginning of August finding that I am longing for Autumn! We did have hope of a wonderful Summer but all hope seems lost with this constant drizzle we now have on Dartmoor on a daily basis. I am finding myself getting cosy already, especially on days like today with the wind whistling in the trees and a definite nip in the air. I have just taken a deep breath (and a sip of wine!) and joined the wonderful world of blogging!

What a generous choice of backgrounds there are available to choose, I went straight to the Fall section, only another month and Pumpkins will be proudly displayed!

Well here goes...xx