9 Aug 2010

Amazing Wizard of Oz quilt!

This is a wonderful quilt made by such a nice lady called Lynda from Hookinwithlaalaa . Apparently this is her first quilt...well done, great work! A very original piece. Lynda finished her quilt using fabrics from my store and I thought it would be lovely to include this fantastic quilt in my "Customer Corner!" Thank you Lynda.
Hugs, Charlotte xx


  1. Amazing and gorgeous fabrics!
    BTW I loved the gift from your M & D on your anniversary. Congratulations!
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Christine, yes it is an inspirational quilt. Look forward to seeing more lovely pieces from Lynda soon I hope! Thanks for your lovely comments about my gorgeous pressie! I am enjoying it every day. Christine, we share the same Anniversary... I got married on the 10th August 1991! I hope you enjoyed your day on Tuesday! See you soon. Hugs. Charlotte x

  3. I've only just seen this, Charlotte. Thanks for posting it! I will, hopefully be ready to show my next quilt next week. Hugs, Lynda xx