4 Aug 2010


My name is Charlotte and I love running my business, The Homespun Loft. I live in Dartmoor National Park, Devon and I'm so pleased you have decided to visit my new little corner of the web!

Please take a peek at my website! thehomespunloft.co.uk

Well...here I am in the beginning of August finding that I am longing for Autumn! We did have hope of a wonderful Summer but all hope seems lost with this constant drizzle we now have on Dartmoor on a daily basis. I am finding myself getting cosy already, especially on days like today with the wind whistling in the trees and a definite nip in the air. I have just taken a deep breath (and a sip of wine!) and joined the wonderful world of blogging!

What a generous choice of backgrounds there are available to choose, I went straight to the Fall section, only another month and Pumpkins will be proudly displayed!

Well here goes...xx


  1. Hi Charlotte...welcome to Blogland! I love your fall background...we are heading fast towards pumpkin time! Enjoy your lovely new blog!

    Carole x

  2. Welcome to Blogland :)I love the background too Charlotte!

  3. Welcome to lovely blogland, Charlotte. You'll love it! Your blog looks lovely. Lynda xx

  4. Hi Charlotte! Welcome to the wonderful, warm and friendly world of blogging!

    Hope you enjoy the company too!
    Seems we're all in the mood for autumn and the hues of orange and browns!
    Best wishes

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! Lovely to see you all and great to meet you you Christine, I've had a peek and linked to your blog. Hugs Charlotte xx

  6. Hey Ho Charlotte, Luvs the blog. Just started Summer holiday so enjoying that before thinking about Autumn! The colours are giving me an inspiration for painting our bedroom!!! Will keep you posted.
    Happy Days
    Ian & Claire XXXXX

  7. Hi Ian and Claire! great to see you here, yes lol, I suppose it is early to be thinking about Autumn, but I still am!!! Let me know what colour you decide on. Big hugs, Charlotte xx