10 Aug 2011

20 Years ago!

Well lovely friends, today I am celebrating being married to my best friend for 20 years!
I wouldn't swap him for the world!
Love you Paul,
Charlotte xx


  1. Congratulations Charlotte and Paul. I hope you have had a wonderful anniversary and may you have many more. Martina xx

  2. Congratulations to you both! Aug 10 is our anniversary too - we're married 18 yrs today!
    You both look so happy in the pic and glad to hear your still in love!

  3. Thank you for your lovely good wishes Martina, having a great day. See you soon xx

  4. Happy Anniversary Christine!! I'm so happy to share the same day with you. 20 years ago it was a slightly more stressful day!
    Hope you have a lovely evening xx

  5. Congratulations!! We celebrate our 40th next July OMG now that makes me feel old.... Linda x

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both, we're only five years behind you, I got married on my birthday, so it was twice as stressful but it means hubby only has one date to remember!

    Josie x

  7. Happy 20th Anniversary to you and Paul!
    Hope you have many more wonderful years together!
    Prim Blessings

  8. Good morning Charlotte, I found you through Preferably Prim blog...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY a day late.
    What a wonderful wedding photo.


  9. Thank you for your lovely message Linda, we have a little way to go to catch you up! Thanks very much for stopping by and saying hello, I really appreciate it. :0) xx

    Hi Josie, lovely to see you as always. Wow you got married on your Birthday, you must get spoiled rotten on your special day!! It has taken my hubby nearly 20 years to remember the date we got engaged, he has cracked it now! lol. Thanks for your kind wishes, take care xx

    Hello Robin, thanks so much for your lovely message, I feel so blessed that you have taken the time to write and wish us well. Much appreciated xx

    Hello Karen, how lovely to meet you! thank you for popping in to wish us a Happy Anniversary that is so kind of you! Glad you like the photo, my dress was french lace over top and a silk bodice and skirt, it was very pretty. We have fond memories of a lovely day and thank you for helping us celebrate xx

  10. Hi Mindy, thank you so much for wishing us a Happy Anniversary! It lovely to meet you and have a new friend in Blogland!
    Charlotte x

  11. Belated congratulations! And I wish you guys the best.

  12. Thank you so much Crafybegonia, really appreciate your good wishes. :0) Charlotte x