19 Jul 2011

Cute Bareroots Patterns...

Just had these cute little Woolfelt patterns delivered to The Homespun Loft....would you like to take a peek?  :0)
I really love these designs, something for everybody I think and for every Season too!  I've listed them in my shop ready to go.........
They are from the Bareroots range of patterns by Barri Sue Gaudet.  I also have lovely stitchery patterns available by Bareroots on my website, plus I couldn't resist sneeking a couple of books from the range called "Pretty and Cosy" and "Favorite Embroidery Stitches" into my last order, I'll be listing them shortly!

Santa and Reindeer Candle Mat Pattern
Strawberry Candle Mat Pattern 
Bee Skep Candle Mat Pattern 
Quilt Block Candle Mat Pattern 
Basket Candle Mat Pattern 
Christmas Candle Mat Pattern 
Winter Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Love is Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Easter Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Halloween Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Autumn Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Christmas Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns

I don't know about you but I feel ready for Autumn, yet another washout Summer...sigh!
Hope looking at these lovely patterns has got you in the crafty mood  :0)
Hugs, Charlotte xx


  1. Cute patterns. Love the Halloween one. ~Ann

  2. If it's any consolation it's the same in France, cold, windy and wet. Linda

  3. Thanks Ann, glad you enjoyed looking at them and thanks for stopping by! :0)

    Hi Linda, sorry to hear you are not enjoying any nice weather either. It's raining today again...but at least I won't have to water the flower pots!

    Hugs, Charlotte xx

  4. Hi Charlotte, These are lovely. I have made some coasters and candle mats before but not the candle wraps. You do know how to tempt me, don't you? xx

  5. He He...oh I'm so sorry Martina! :0) xx