31 May 2012

New changes in my store!

Hello THL friends!

I have made some changes and had really good "shake up" in my store The Homespun Loft!

I am very pleased because these changes have been on the cards for some time and as with everything in life it is finding the appropriate time to do it.

As many of you may know I normally sell my fabrics in HALF YARD increments, I have felt for a while that I would like to offer FAT QUARTERS as a minimum cut instead.

I have had enough feedback from kind customers to know that this would be a popular move!  For many sewing projects a fat quarter is enough and I would love to be able to offer my customers greater choice of fabrics for their money.

If you need more than a fat quarter,simply purchase the amount you would like and your fabric will be sent in one length as follows
1 Fat Quarter (1/4 yard) measures 18" x 22" (46cm x 56cm)
2 Fat Quarters (1/2 yard) measure 18" x 44" (46cm x 112cm)
4 Fat Quarters (1 yard) measure 36" x 44" (92cm x 112cm)
6 Fat Quarters (1 1/2 yards) measure 54" x 44" (138cm x 112cm)

I am looking forward to seeing how these changes work out and would welcome any comments or feedback :0)

Please watch this space as I will be doing a FAT QUARTER GIVEAWAY soon!!

Thanks so much
Hugs, Charlotte xx


  1. That is a very tempting little pile of quarters!

  2. Ooh glad you like it! I'm busy listing some of the homespuns now. I'll do some more bundles as well. Nice to see you again, have a lovely Jubilee weekend! Charlotte x