14 May 2012

April showers did bring May flowers!

Hello lovely blog friends,
Well after the coldest, wettest April in memory it was pure delight to have some warm sunshine this weekend.  I love my garden in May, it brings out the prettiest flowers, Wisteria, Clematis and a Lilac tree in full bloom.  I wandered around and took some snaps to share with you

looking out of the kitchen window 

Every May I go to a Bluebell wood two minutes up the lane from my house, I love going there for little bit of peace, I grabbed my camera this time and hope you don't mind going for a little walk with me :0)

 The view looking down over my village

 I know I have gone a bit mad with the photos, if you have got to the end and are reading this...thank you and well done! :0)    
I'll see you soon and thanks for visiting!
Hugs, Charlotte xx 


  1. Beautiful pictures! To all your readers who have never been tot Dartmoor: Dartmoor is beautiful! So peacefully and quiet. I was there in 1997 when I was 17 years old. I recently told my husband that we should visit Cornwall and Devon with the kids. But, hmmm, Scandinavia is also on our list. It'll be difficult to choose :-).


  2. Hi Goedele, I do appreciate you visiting and leaving your lovely comment! I'm glad you have such fond memories of Dartmoor, it is a place I love and don't feel I want to leave. Hope you do come to Devon and Cornwall again some day but I agree you have a tricky decision! Hugs, Charlotte xx

  3. Such a gorgeous place you live in! You are so blessed to have so much beauty all around you. I love your flowers, especially the wisteria. I enjoyed walking with you, thanks for sharing such pretty pictures. Have a wonderful weekend~

  4. Thank you Angie! lovely to see you x