23 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, my lovely customers, friends and family for a great 2011.  Thank you for continuing to choose to shop at The Homespun Loft and I wish you all 
Hope to see you all next year

 Love my little snowmen!

 My White House Tree, I love all these ornaments from The White House, they have been sent to me over the years by my lovely friend Donna, who lives in Virginia not far from Washington.  A gorgeous collection which I treasure and I think deserve their own tree! 
 Stunning wooden blocks made for me by the very talented Sharon from Nosy Rosie Designs

 My Daughter's little light-up village scene

 The tree in our conservatory
 Holly from my Mother's garden
 More lovely blocks from Sharon

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas, may all your dreams come true.
Hugs, Charlotte xxx


  1. Your home looks so beautifully decorated! Thanks for sharing the pics and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog.

  3. Charlotte, you definitely are the house decorating queen (would you come and decorate my house next year lol). A very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and your lovely family xx

  4. just catching up on blogs, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I love the alphabet cover under the snowmen, is it one of your patterns? it all looks lovely!

    Josie x

  5. Hi Charlotte! I was going through the list of followers on my blog and came across your blog. So I thought I would come over here and meet you.

    You have a beautiful home, especially at Christmas! My staircase has the panels just like yours, only hubby won't let me paint it so it's natural wood.

    Nice to meet you and looking forward to following along on your blog. =]

    Have a delightful week~

  6. Hi Charlotte I am new to your blog but just wanted to say I love your Christmas pictures! I especially love the Christmas quilt did you make that yourself? I would love one! Thanks for sharing your lovely blog! Nina xx