23 Nov 2011

Gingerbread House and other Christmas Goodies

Well I think its time to come out of my sewing room and show you what I have been making!  I've been a busy little crafting bee the last week or so and have made some new goodies which I hope will find wonderful new homes in time for Christmas....

I have made this very Christmassy hand quilted "Gingerbread House" wall hanging, each tab has been secured with a cute little iced Gingerbread button.  It measures approx. 20" x 24" (50 x 61cm)  and is for sale at £16.95 on my website The Homespun Loft

I have also made some matching smaller hangings below, measuring 12" x 12" (31 x 31cm) each priced at £10.95 which includes the wire hanger and mini wooden pegs

You might like these Primitive "Christmas Cat" wall hangings shown below.  They are only £8.95 each, including the wire hanger and pegs too.  They measure 9" x 9" (23 x 23cm)

Now for something slightly different...my homemade spicy mug mats.  I love making these, the house smells so good.  I am selling these for £5.95 per pair and you will receive them gift wrapped in ribbon and a cellophane bag.

Hope you have enjoyed taking a little peek...I'm back off to the sewing room :0)
Hugs, Charlotte xx


  1. I just LOVE those gingerbread hangings Charlotte! Gingerbread men & women are my favourite theme for Christmas xx

  2. Love your wall hangings & mug mats, Charlotte. I've enjoyed your blog very much...looking at all your photos. You are very talented!
    Thanks for being a follower of my blog, too. I don't get to post much, but I enjoy it.
    Keep up your lovely work.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Hi Carole, thank you so much, glad you love Gingerbread too! I'm going to have a go at making real gingerbread this Christmas too :0)
    Just sold a gingerbread hanging and a cat hanging, so am very pleased!
    Speak soon xx

  4. Hello Char, (are you a Charlotte too?!) lovely to see you, thanks for popping by to say hi :0)
    Thank you for your lovely comments, glad you like my work it's really nice of you to say. I'll look forward to popping over to your blog soon, your prim goodies are just my cup of tea!
    See you soon, Charlotte x