16 Jun 2011

Pumpkin Path

As you may know I am mad about pumpkins and everything "pumpkinny"  I saw this fabric in my work room "calling" to me and decided to turn it into more wall hangings!  

This is a good size hanging measuring 20" x 23" (not including the tabs).  I added a few Autumn leaves and Pumpkins from my "Dress it up" button range.  It is for sale on my website priced at £29.99 which includes the three heart wire hanger and wooden dowel. 

 From similar fabric I made this smaller hanging, again scattered with a few Autummy buttons.  This measures 12" x12" and priced at £11.95 includes the heart hanger and mini pegs.
While we are talking Pumpkins, I came across this cute blog Thanksgiving by Prairie Harvest Arts  Full of interesting facts about the History of Thanksgiving and yummy recipes.  I'm going to have a good read and find out more about it as unfortunately we don't celebrate it over here :0( and it always look so good!
Thank you for taking the time to look lovely friends,
Hugs, Charlotte xx 


  1. Charlotte, I am loving your pumpkin wall hanging! I too am a "pumpkin" lover and would decorate all year long with the rich warm colors of pumpkins (if my family didn't think I was crazy ;-) Is the 29.99 American money? I really love visiting your blog!
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Sheila, ooh thank you so much for your lovely comments. Glad you like the hanging, the colours are lovely and cosy aren't they. I love decorating the house for Autumn.

    The price is in British pounds and I have worked out at the current exchange rate the price in USD is approx $48. I could calculate shipping too. Thanks for popping by Sheila and spreading a little sunshine, we need it here today...it's pouring down! :0(
    Charlotte x

  3. Thank you Tina, how nice of you! x

  4. These are stunning Charlotte and I love the colours also....Autumn is my favourite time of year! I am the proud owner of some of Charlotte's creations and she is a very talented lady...her stitching is perfect!
    Carole x

  5. Thank you Carole my lovely friend! so kind of you xx

  6. These are just both truly gorgeous,totally love pumpkins too.
    Lovely blog!!
    hugs Lou.xx