22 Mar 2011

"Spring Parade"

Hello friends, as we are approaching Easter I wanted to share some beautiful fabrics that I have just listed.  All are from Makower UK and are so pretty and full of the joys of Spring.

finally...included for no good reason, other than I really love these flowers, a couple of pics of my tulips and daffs from the weekend!

Thanks for looking, see you soon THL friends!
 hugs, Charlotte x


  1. Such beautiful fabrics! All the colors of spring and Easter just like I remember as a child.
    Wishing you a beautiful day~

  2. Thank you Sheila and Karen for your lovely comments, how kind of you both! Wishing you both a super Spring day! Charlotte xx

  3. Your blog is looking so pretty Charlotte! Love your new fabrics & daffodils & tulips are my favourite flowers too!
    Carole xx