3 Mar 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I think I have spent too long cuddled up in front of the fire! I can't believe it is a month since my last post lovely readers.  I haven't been idle I promise, there is always plenty to do and I have been busy working on both of my websites re-stocking, listing, ordering and making.  I have finished some lovely homespun heart raggy hangers which are one of my most favourite things to make.  I have a scrap basket the height of the house and I love diving into it to find the perfect fabric for the next project, well what else is one to do with all of those end of bolts!

I feel inspired by the change in weather.  We have have had the most glorious unbroken sunshine here on Dartmoor for the last couple of days.  Still a little ice on the car this morning, but deep blue cloudless skies all day.  Miss Homespun, my lovely girl is finding it so much easier to get up for school now the dark mornings have passed!

It was so very tempting to spend some time gardening but I knew it would be so chilly in the shade and I really have too much work to do,  instead I enjoyed the weather as a spectator through the window.

Definitely time to change the background on here, I found this gorgeous vintage Easter template from Plumrose Lane and couldn't resist!  Snowflakes have been banished until November I think and I have introduced some fluttery butterflies to the site, one beautiful butterfly brushed it's wings against the kitchen window this morning and I knew that Spring had sprung! xx


  1. Love your butterflies and background! I sure wish Spring would hit northern Minnesota! Still lots of snow on the ground and cold. Could you send some of your nice weather our way..LOL!
    Deb ;)

  2. Heloo , I love your blog so spring , and I love the butterflies and your candle jar, Off to check out your site of goodies.Looking forward to your post.

  3. Hello Deb, thanks for your lovely comment! thank you so much for visiting, love your blog too! Heres hoping Spring is not too far away for you! Hugs, Charlotte x

    Hello Kiki, thanks for popping by to say hello, have just been to visit you too! So glad you like my blog, really nice of you to say. Hugs, Charlotte x

  4. Hiya Charlotte,

    I love the new look blog all ready for Spring . . . so sweet and those butterflies are a lovely touch.

    The weather has been a bonus this week and has definately brightened my mood and feel ready at long last to get back to creating . . . the dilema now is just to decide what to do!

    Off to take a peek at your new goodies.


  5. Hello lovely, how are you, great to see you, thanks for popping in! Let me know what you decide to make...knowing you it will be stunning. Hugs, Charlotte xx

  6. Darling blog, I am a new followers found you through another friend who has a blog. Love your butterflies. I will visit you again--soon!

    We are ready for spring too but it will still be a little longer here in Iowa!

    Carolyn :)

  7. Hi Carolyn, thanks for popping in to visit, it's lovely to meet new friends. Hope things warm up for you soon in Iowa! I'll stop by your blog, thanks again, Hugs, Charlotte x

  8. I think the winter here in the UK has been meaner than normal this season. The nicer weather does seem to make your soul feel better. Has been really nice here in Yorkshire. Love the blog and the butterflies!