13 Dec 2012

We're through!!

Yay, I can see the other side of the kitchen for the first time ever from this angle!! very exciting.  These following photos show the progress made over the last few days.  Below props are still in and one steel beam up.  You can see a little bit of wall needing to come down at this point
 View from the side, where the wall was
 Looking from the other end of the room

 Steel number two on the floor needs to go up
 Please excuse dust on the lens, real progress here, all props gone, steels up and whole wall gone, this is the space the room will be.  We are redoing the end where the sink is too, it has always bugged my hubby that the sink was not centered under the window so will look forward to changing that.
 Below this is the kitchen today 13th Dec, builders are in the process of levelling the floor, I guess the Victorians were not too worried about the levels as some parts of the floor are about 3 or 4 inches higher than others!  Only thing for it is too dig it up, so here goes.....  

 Electrician has started laying the cables everywhere.  The ceiling should be up next week which will make a massive difference.
Thank you so much for continuing on this journey with me, it really helps and gives me a boost reading your lovely comments.
Hugs, Charlotte xx


  1. Hang on in there Charlotte, it will get better. Actually I can already picture how wonderful it will look. I agree with your hubby about moving the sink too. Best wishes, Philippa xx

    1. Oh thank you Philippa! I can see the room as it will be which really helps. Yes sink is definitely wonky! Thank you I feel nice and positive after reading your comment. Hope everything is good with you xx

  2. Oh my! No point in half doing it...why do sinks get put in the corner of a room with no view? It will be so much nicer when it is finished- got heating yet? Hope so!

    1. Sadly still no heating :0( and I am getting a bit fed up being cold...don't think we will have heating until next week now. Still weather is going to be warmer tomorrow. You wouldn't believe the amount of rubble they have taken out today. I asked the builder if we were mad for doing this at this time of year and he said "No...there is NEVER a good time to do it!!" lol. Thanks so much for popping in :0) xx

  3. That is some massive project but I'm betting the end result is going to be fabulous. It will make for a very nice Christmas gift for the house :)