2 May 2011

My trip to London to see The Royal Wedding!!

Hello lovely THL friends. I have just had the most enjoyable few days away in London joining the 1 million other people who decided to make the trip into London and celebrate The Royal Wedding! I hope you will enjoy looking at some of our family snaps of the occasion!
We arrived in London Thursday afternoon and went straight to Buckingham Palace to see the sites before the Wedding the next morning.

We took full advantage of the roads being closed and wandered around outside Buckingham Palace and along The Mall where many people had been camping for days to get the perfect vantage point!
      The "press pods" where we saw Piers Morgan!  
Round the corner from The Palace just off The Mall, the guards outside Clarence House

Down The Mall and along to Trafalgar Square

Outside The Savoy Hotel! 

Looking down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Phillip,(tiny dot of yellow in the car to the right!) 
The Bride!  
We headed off to Hyde Park to watch on the big screens with 120,000 others and waited for the balcony appearance 

The Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane fly right over our heads 

A nice touch from The Ritz Hotel 

and also from The Lady magazine offices 

I'm very proud to be British and so glad that we went on that special day. 
 Thank you for sharing it with me
Hugs, Charlotte xx


  1. ...aren't you so lucky to have been able to be there. Wonderful photos...thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  2. Great post Charlotte! Would have loved to have been there but we saw it all live here in NZ - loved every minute of it! Will be in touch soon!

    Andrea xx

  3. Gorgeous photos Charlotte...thanks for sharing!

    Carole xx

  4. In your site lot of update we can get and all can understand easily and good one also...I like very much thanks for sharing this articles.

  5. Charlotte, what a memorable couple of days you have had - so exciting to have been a part of everthing!

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, really appreciate you taking the trouble! Glad you enjoyed looking at the photos xx

  7. You are just the luckiest lady I know! What a brilliant experience. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures.

    Thanks also for following my Christmas Blog. It's lovely to meet you!

    Best wishes and happy day,

  8. Thank you Natasha! we wanted to give our daughter a "forever" memory of the Wedding.

    I couldn't resist your Christmas blog, I love the spirit of Christmas and we could all do with a little more of it every day, so thank you for spreading it!

    Thanks for popping by to say hello xx

  9. Hi Charlotte! Thanks so much for following my blog, I now follow you too! How fun! You were so lucky to have been able to be there for the big day.. Great photos, thanks for sharing! Tina

  10. Hi Tina, thank you for following me! we couldn't resist going up for the special day and it was well worth it, great atmosphere and lots of flag waving done!! See you soon xx

  11. How cool is that, that I have a follower who "attended" the royal wedding in London! :) I watched, and cried right here from the states. So nice to meet you Charlotte. Waving back to you from Pa, USA! :)

  12. I think my favourite moment from this had to be when the two of them walked out onto the balcony and you could see Kate saying "Oh wow!" when she saw just how many people were there. It just seemed absolutely natural. Or as natural as a Royal Wedding can ever be.

    I did toy with the idea of booking myself into serviced apartments London and going up there for the Wedding but I didn't in the end. It would have been an experience but there were just so many people there, I think I'd have gone mad. And I suppose there's always the possibility of Prince Harry getting married.