26 Jul 2011

Advice from a Tree....

We are now full swing into the Summer Holidays and my Daughter Molly May is making the most of not having to get up at the crack of dawn every day for school, and I don't blame her one bit!
  I don't shut the shop, it is open throughout and MM is kind enough to help out and old enough to not need constant supervision! 
When she broke up last week her Form Tutor gave her this beautiful card

MM really took to this lady and is going to sadly miss her.  I love the wording on the card and hope you don't mind me sharing it with you.

MM was so full of excitement she nearly popped as it was also her Birthday over the weekend and she has reached the grand old age of 15!  She most carefully made these beautiful cupcakes, baked them one evening and decorated the next, all her own work, she was so pleased with them and they were delicious!

We had 6 of her friends staying for a sleepover...yes I can guess what you are thinking :0)  it does sound a lot!!!  but actually they are all lovely lovely girls, they treated the place with respect and left the place as neat as a new pin! 

We were lucky enough to be invited for a lovely Supper/theatre night with some friends on Saturday.  They chose the show and picked a really good one Jekyll and Hyde The Musical .  We loved it and had such a great time and hope we can get together again soon.  I did my little bit of baking too and took this Strawberry cake round to our friends and promised MM that I would take a photo for my blog!!!

For a change the sun is actually out today....so I will finish now, do some more work and hopefully sit out in the late afternoon sun with a nice glass of wine!
See you soon friends
Hugs, Charlotte xx

19 Jul 2011

Cute Bareroots Patterns...

Just had these cute little Woolfelt patterns delivered to The Homespun Loft....would you like to take a peek?  :0)
I really love these designs, something for everybody I think and for every Season too!  I've listed them in my shop ready to go.........
They are from the Bareroots range of patterns by Barri Sue Gaudet.  I also have lovely stitchery patterns available by Bareroots on my website, plus I couldn't resist sneeking a couple of books from the range called "Pretty and Cosy" and "Favorite Embroidery Stitches" into my last order, I'll be listing them shortly!

Santa and Reindeer Candle Mat Pattern
Strawberry Candle Mat Pattern 
Bee Skep Candle Mat Pattern 
Quilt Block Candle Mat Pattern 
Basket Candle Mat Pattern 
Christmas Candle Mat Pattern 
Winter Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Love is Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Easter Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Halloween Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Autumn Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns
Christmas Candle Wraps and Mats Patterns

I don't know about you but I feel ready for Autumn, yet another washout Summer...sigh!
Hope looking at these lovely patterns has got you in the crafty mood  :0)
Hugs, Charlotte xx

12 Jul 2011

Keep calm and carry on!

Hello my friends, nice to be back blogging again. Sorry for the delay in posting, life gets in the way you know how it is!   Never really thought I would use the expression "keep calm and carry on" but this last week or so it has made total sense to me.
My computer died on the 1st of July :0(   so after a few very tense moments (okay more than a few!) my lovely daughter kindly offered to lend me her laptop, well she knew about it when she got home from school and I was on it!   I'm still on it 12 days later (poor daughter) and I'm managing fine. My lovely hubby sorted me out and showed me the ropes etc and as long as I have internet access I can still run my business. Trouble is all of my emails/pictures/files/accounts... everything....are still stuck on the hard drive of my old computer. I do pay monthly for tech support who said they could fix the computer but didn't say (until I asked) that they would automatically wipe the hard drive of all the information before even attempting a fix and I would get a blank computer back. They said I should have backed everything up, which is done on the computer but no use if you can't switch it on to retrieve it!  Needless to say I declined their kind offer to wipe my computer!
 Lesson learnt, I will buy another external hard drive to back everything onto so if the computer goes bang again I still have access to all my files. £40/£50 for an additional hard drive is a small price to pay for piece of mind. Luckily I have given my computer to a lovely chap who is fixing it as we speak and doesn't use a "sledge hammer to crack a nut" approach...unlike the tech support!
I'm still smiling, 
Hope all is well with you all and...sorry to moan
Thanks for listening, would love to hear from you! 
Hugs, Charlotte xx